August 10, 2007

Insult bitchslapping

Observe Rose & Camellia, the game detailing how a widow of common birth may rise to the top in the household through the noble art of feminine conflict, i.e. extensive bitch-slapping.

Yes, it's Japanese. How did you guess?

However, for some strange reason the game doesn't allow you to taunt your opponent with insults. I simply had to correct this enormous oversight.


August 09, 2007

Apropos Ron Gilbert

Fear me, for I have invented the lolthreepwood.

Am I up-to-the-date on the phat jibe of those young'un internet cats of today yet, dig?

(No idea what I'm talking about but loving the visual style? Get Monkey Island here.)


August 07, 2007

Regarding the fun of cheating

The Darcness: What Ever Happened to Cheats?

Then, we discovered that there were actually sites dedicated to providing you with the information you needed to make cheating instantaneous and easy. We'd go in, edit a file or two, and then we'd play in the altered game. I know, I know ... cheating takes away all the challenges of the game. But we weren't playing for challenges -- we were playing for fun. Cheats made the game perform so that we didn't have to be gamers to be good at a game, and being good made the game fun.

[...]and having money to build rides, food courts and other attractions made the game much more fun to play.

This all recalls Ron Gilbert's observation that a lot of people leave god mode on through entire shooter games, indicating that they're playing it for something else than the "challenge" everyone keeps going on about like it's some sort of holy grail of "gaming".