July 15, 2006

That montage had no footage in it

I had a few doubts when Tea Leaves did the familiar number about how complexity is bad. This is of course a point that's very easy, or should I say simple, to make; it's already very common among Mac geeks and is probably the most important factor in the success of Ikea.

Then, however, I accidentally played this Final Fantasy parody (Flash). The only options in the menu-based combat are "FIGHT!", "HEAL!" and "FLEE!" Except you can't flee from boss fights. And I played it through twice without really thinking, and it was... pretty fun, actually.

It's fairly short, but still. Go play it if you don't believe me. Of course, part of the charm might be that it uses the characters of the webcartoon Bonus Stage, which is just about the perfect midsummer sofa-slacking entertainment.

It's enough to make you wonder if maybe character development is best left as something almost entirely external to the game, and in fact if franchise adaptions have a lot more potential than their history would suggest.


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