August 05, 2005

'Game' is not a verb. Morans.

I swear, from here on, when someone says "gamer", I'll assume they meant to say "Gamera."

I mean, listen to yourselves. You don't "game games," you play games. I can only imagine it's some sort of attempt to steal some of the street cool of the "skater" lifestyle without having to resort to terms like "counterstrikers," "ex-boxer" or "half-lifes." The major problems with all this: a) it's hard to make sitting on your ass sound cool. b) it's retarded.

I'm all behind Watterson in weirdening the language through verbing. But "gaming" is not an agent of weirdening, only of stupidelyzing, moronificating and vacuoscillizing. Earth to planet horseshit: switching to glow-in-the-dark IDE cable and sticking a bloody mock aquarium in the side of your computer case does not constitute a lifestyle, it's just stupid.


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